Gone are the days when health foods belong to a niche group. As wellness and clean lifestyle grow in popularity, more health and general food trends are starting to merge.

In KIND’s latest trends report, Founder & CEO Daniel Lubetzky joins Senior Food Scientist Lena Halabi and almost 5,000 food and beverage experts—chefs, registered dietitians, team members in global markets such as Mexico, China and Brazil—in sharing the biggest health food trends next year.

Here are the highlights.


Infused water is no longer confined to fruits and vegetables. Beyond lemon or cucumber water plus the mainstreaming of coconut and maple water, people are looking for more new flavors, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to their diet. In 2019, expect more unusual flavors and variations. Take cactus water, for instance, it’s generally lower in calories and sugar than traditional coconut water, and provides lots of betalain antioxidants for promoting skin revitalization, according to Jackie Newgent, RDN, culinary nutritionist and KIND Snacks spokesperson.

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